Version - Licence Version
  Compatable - Window 7 / 8 / 10.
  Training - One Week Training(Fees Free).
- Training Fees for visiting training.
  Price - 400,000 Kyats(Stand Alone Server).
- 100,000 Kyats (Additional Client).
Stand Alone Server
Technical Support Lifetime Lifetime
Management reports
Update stock in real-time
PC network supported
PC client licenses
Stock Item Unlimited Unlimited
Purchase Order
Multi-User Mode
Manage multiple Customer Unlimited Unlimited
Manage multiple suppliers Unlimited Unlimited
Unit breakdowns
User Access Right
Online Reports (Real Time)
Supports and Updates
Microsoft SQL server compatible

  Master Module

Company Profile :
Setup Your Business Information
Category :
Setup group of inventory item. Set group of inventory item.
Location :
Setup warehouse for your inventory item where you want ot keep it/ store it.
Counter :
Setup your inventory item where you want to sales or keeps.
Chart of account :
Setup account codes for single entry accounting. Its can traces you cash in/out flow, credit balance, etc.
Unit :
Setup your inventory item measurement, account, etc.
Supplier :
Setup your seller listing for your inventory.
Customer :
Setup your buyer listing for your inventory.

  Inventory Module

Inventory Item :
Setup inventory item, organize big , category, sub category. Easy inventory can easily handle 1.0 GB (plus) storage size on your inventory software.
Stock Opening:
Keep your current inventory item. You should your opening inventory. Thus why, you can get information of your inventory status.
Purchase Order :
Preparing producement of your inventory item purchasing.
Purchasing :
Keep and input your goods purchasing using with the three payment type. (Credit, Cash, Consignment).
Purchase Return :
You can easy return purchase tiem, damage item to your vector. After that, your purchase return amount update as well as financial and account module.
Stock Adjustment :
When your inventory item ground item valance and system valance, you should need to adjusts differentation.
Stock Damage :
When your store keeper valance found. If you put your inventory damage your will fasts track of your inventory damage listing.
Item unit Conversion :
Easy inventory use multiple unit system. So, if you want to convert one unit another.
Item price change :
You can easily item price change.

  Sales Module

Daily Sale (Retail Sales) :
Easy inventory support whiole sales your inventory item using the acash, credit, consignment payment types.
Damage Sales :
You track and keep your inventory damage item easy inventory can say item.

  Account Module

Opening Balalnce :
Keep and track of your business transition in these features.
Account Payable :
You have to pay your credit purchase to you ventor. You can easily your payment.
Cash Book Entry :
Your business receive and payment of many transition in your payment.

  Administration Module

Create New User Account :
Easy inventory create multiple users each which a set of access right.
Database Backup :
Your inventory data are backup into your computer because of something computer system errors.